PROCESS IMAGE_GOSBThe process of transitioning into a GO-SB client is simple. We take all the guess work out of TPL billing. Our goal is to ensure that our company is a huge benefit to your hospital. We have created a process to maximize your collectible revenue on third-party claims while lowering the number of days those accounts receivable (AR) are outstanding.

Our first order of business for new clients is to tailor our computer interface system to work with the hospital’s present technology. Our IT Director will meet with representatives of your hospital to discuss software connectivity with own SQL- compatible database, Gulfstream Processing Software (GPS).

We then work with your hospital to review the TPL files. We continue to work with your staff to maximize the TPL billing process throughout our entire relationship. Each hospital is assigned a full-time hospital liaison. We believe that exceptional customer service is necessary to maximize the return on your hospital’s billing and collection recovery in the shortest time possible.

Once the data, files, and billing information are uploaded to GO-SB, our claims representatives take over the investigation of each claim and individually coordinate the benefits. We take the HCFA1500, UB auto, UB health, IB, and any other letter or document related to the claims process and create an action plan template to use in the submission of related claims. We determine the order of billing and the amount that each carrier is under contractual obligation to pay. Finally, we coordinate which insurer(s) may have subrogation rights, and we avoid conflicts by coordinating primary versus secondary billing status at the front end of the claims process rather than after the payment arrives.

Whenever your employees need information on a particular claim, our hospital liaison will be available to get that information. We understand that you need answers fast.

Our Team will make the coordination of benefits for third-party liability billing twice as fast as traditional processes. Our priority, beyond maximizing total recovery, is to lower the number of days outstanding on your AR, once our process is set up.

We handle your TPL claims from the moment your patient comes into the hospital to the day we recover the last penny available under all third-party payers. We call this the birth to death philosophy of bill collection. Trust us with the life of your TPL bills and we will make the process of collection easy.