GO-SB knows that filing clean claims up front is the best way to create a healthy revenue cycle.  The Third Party Liability (TPL) segment, including, Automobile related (Personal Injury Protection) claims, Workers Compensation claims and Bodily Injury Liens (Letters of Protection or LOPs) are some of the most difficult claims for any billing staff to file.  They take significantly more time and effort up front. These claims also demand specialized legal knowledge and training to keep up with the constant legal changes that effect this segment of the revenue stream.  GO-SB has a specialized claims processing unit which supplies your hospital or medical facility with that specialized training and knowledge.


We maximize our client’s TPL revenue by filing our claim within 48 hours of the bill drop date.  When the claim is paid our secondary processing unit insures it is fully paid under the available law.  We Demand EVERY SINGLE auto claim in States which require legal demands as a condition precedent to legal action.  This automatic Demand process is uniquely available with GO-SB and insures your claims are always paid at the maximum rate under the law.  GO-SB is proud to boast an industry-leading 98%+ first-pass clean claims rate on all TPL segment claims.

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