Car AccidentAutomobile accidents are some of the most tragic cases.  Many times there is a vast number of insurance and collection sources available.  These varied revenue sources need to be hunted down.  It is a frustrating job.  When hospitals use their own personnel to deal with these issues, the results are usually not good.  By the time the busy hospital employee figures out which benefits are primary and where the alternative revenue sources are hidden, those same benefits can be exhausted, disputed, cut off or reduced.  Not only can GO-SB employees find these revenue sources, but we also have the ability and resources to perform in-house skip tracing.  This ability to gather more accurate data faster gets your hospital’s claim paid in a timely manner.

Even if your hospital is fortunate enough to get paid something by the automobile insurance carrier, you must coordinate with the health or the medical payments insurance.  Then you must hunt down the possibility of being paid through the defendant driver’s insurance.  Third-party liens/bodily injury (BI) liability — sometimes called letters of protection, or LOPs — are big business.  Don’t let your right to medical reimbursement be wasted because you don’t have the time to lock down those benefits!

It is difficult enough to get some form of payment.  Why bog down your personnel trying to determine who is primary, who is secondary and if there is an exemption?  Coordination of benefits (COB) is one of the most difficult information systems to understand, but GO-SB has specially trained our staff in COB, and we will work with your staff to quickly maximize your collections.

contact-go-sbTPL is the most time- and labor-draining revenue hunt in which a hospital will engage.

Because TPL is only a small portion of the hospital’s total billing, it is difficult to dedicate staff to handling these specialized cases.  The field of knowledge involves time-sensitive automobile laws, insurance coordination, workers’ compensation and third-party liability insurance.  TPL is also difficult because it involves health insurance coordination, and we have all experienced health insurance companies improperly paying a claim!

TPL billing and COB are what GO-SB does best.  We have a dedicated staff attorney trained to understand each state’s automobile insurance, workers compensation and health insurance coordination laws.  We have health care attorneys on staff ready to assist processors in the coordination of automobile-related insurance benefits.  We know who should be primary, secondary  and tertiary sources.  It is all about maximizing your hospital’s revenue.

Once GO-SB maximizes the complete payment from the primary and secondary insurance carriers, we don’t rest.  We continue to pursue your hospital’s rights to full reimbursement of your charges through the patient’s injury case.

GO-SB follows the patient’s claim from birth to death so that the hospital staff can be free to pursue the larger patient population.  From the moment the patient arrives, through settlement or verdict of a third-party liability claim, we protect your right to full payment.

COORDINATION is a big part of your collection solution

GO-SB not only bills the health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and medical payments insurance, we also investigate any available recovery from the defendant driver’s insurance (called “third-party injury insurance”).  We will figure out whether such insurance will ever pay on the claim.  Different states have different terms for third-party insurance and the ability to be paid out of an injury-related case.  Many hospitals use the term “third-party lien,” while some call it bodily injury (BI) based on the automobile insurance, which will eventually pay the claim.  Other states, such as Florida, use the term “LOP” or “letter of protection,” to indicate the actual lien or letter the patient signs that protects the hospital’s right to collect against that third-party injury case.  Our attorney founders understand this process.  Once we determine that recovery is available, GO-SB will perfect your third-party lien/BI/LOP.  If those rights are not available, our process will determine whether your state permits us to file a court-created constructive trust against that third-party injury case.  GO-SB can deal with all available automobile coverage, including personal injury protection (PIP), medical payments (Med-Pay) insurance, uninsured/underinsured(UM/UIM) or  third-party BI liability insurance.