GO-SB stands for Gulfstream Outsourcing & Specialized Billing.  GO-SB works with hospitals systems, individual and/or independent hospitals and large medical practices to recover complex claims revenue.  We know how to maximize YOUR money.  Founded by a team of workers compensation, personal injury, health care and collection lawyers, GO-SB knows how to dig out every dollar owed to a medical provider due to a motor vehicle accident, a work accident and even Veterans administration claims.  This is why we call ourselves a specialized billing and collection company.


We are powered by our deep knowledge of the industry. We also developed a proprietary software system to manage the full spectrum of specialized claims. Our system is available to our smaller providers at no charge.  It is called ProWeb Billing and Claims Management System (or ProWeb) and will highly focus our well trained team on your most difficult claims.  Don’t let a valuable claim drop into a self-pay bucket.  Outsource that segment of the revenue stream and maximize it’s potential for your hospital or medical practice.


We have highly trained and specialized case managers who are fluent in specialized claims management.  They use our proprietary claims system which not only tracks and work flows the claim but also acts as a communication tool for our clients so they can follow our progress using customized reports.

We train your staff on best practices to assure the highest success rate for our revenue reimbursement efforts.

We provide patient education material to assist all parties in maximizing revenue.

We are great hospital ambassadors!  Our claims professionals are trained to represent your hospital with dignity and class.

Knowing how to work with payors for the benefit of our hospital clients!

Our reputation for persistence is earned every day to maximize reimbursements in this critical financial class.  This leads to quick and direct increases in a hospital’s bottom line.

Maximizing third party revenue helps patients pay their medical bills. This positively affects customer satisfaction scores across the board.