Within the fourteen no-fault states and numerous other states with forms of automobile insurance medical coverage, healthcare providers are required to attempt to file accident-related healthcare claims to the auto carrier before billing health insurance. That is excellent news for healthcare providers because automobile insurance typically yields higher reimbursement than Medicare, Medicaid, and, in most cases, commercial insurance payers.

At GoSB, we quickly determine whose auto insurance policy is responsible, find the auto insurance, get a claim for the accident opened, and file a claim with the appropriate supporting documentation before benefits are exhausted. Then, our team closely monitors the claims for timely and correct payment. For this later step, our state-based law firm partners utilize the tools and processes available to ensure we achieve the maximum compliant reimbursement for our clients.

We will also file letters of protection (LOPs) or place bodily injury liens (BI Liens) when appropriate, and monitor the cases through resolution. These are instruments that require the plaintiff’s attorney to pay the healthcare provider once the personal injury case is settled and funds are received.