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GO-SB is a medical billing company which also specializes in the billing and collection of third party liability claims. We handle your accident related and worker's compensation billing and collection responsibilities. We make your hospital or medical practice more money while saving you time and expenses. PIP is hard to bill, harder to understand, and almost impossible to maximize your recovery. By using GO-SB to handle any part of your Automobile Accident / PIP Billing, Bodily Injury Liens (LOPs), Worker's Compensation Billing & Appeals and any other part of the third party liability (TPL) segment you will lower your AR Days, free your staff to work on bigger contracted payer and government payer segments, and raise your receivable collection rates on everything we handle! Call us today for a free evaluation!

Welcome to GO-SB


We believe that Niches equal Riches!

By outsourcing your automobile accident and workers compensation billing you will make more money in additional revenue in these segments simply because they are being completed properly!

TPL claims should be an excellent source of additional revenue.  In most hospital and large medical practice settings this is not the case.  TPL takes up too much time from regular billing staff duties. Your staff is frustrated with the investigation elements in both auto and Work Comp revenue streams.  They are overwhelmed by the paper billing still necessary for so many of those insurance carriers.  No one enjoys the multiple follow up calls.  Few if any staff understand how to do the full analysis of whether the statutory fees schedules are being followed because workers compensation and personal injury protection judges are constantly changing the rules!  No one on the hospital’s staff has immediate access to PIP, Work Comp or TPL Lien attorneys except a specialized billing company!

TPL needs a detailed and specialize approach.  Look to GO-SB for that service.  We will increase your revenue, quickly, efficiently, and all the time be working within your hospital’s culture and environment. We don’t come in and upset the apple cart. We just take some work off the horses who pull it.

Why G0-SB

We provide a dedicated team of TPL specialists for your specific hospital. GO-SB creates individual solutions for individual hospitals.  We do our job and stay out of your way.  Best of all, GO-SB is paid on a contingency basis, so there is NO RISK!


Depending on the hospital, we often add a full time employee to your staff at our cost.  We work within your hospital’s culture to create a “team”  with your staff.  Our specialists then work off site to maximize reimbursements.


GO-SB provides specialized solutions, including: day one Third Party Billing,  End-to-End billing, Appeals and Denials management and immediate collection of underpaid revenue sources after our detailed historical review.