We routinely achieve a 50-100% revenue improvement for our clients’ accident-related claims. Our superior results highlight the opportunity available for healthcare providers on these high-volume, low-dollar claims.

Who we serve

We are proud to serve hospitals, physician groups, ambulance services and third-party revenue cycle management companies across numerous specialties. Many provider groups and specialties have been historically overlooked due to the lower value claims common to them — GoSB focuses on and excels with this “forgotten segment”.


Over 15 years of expertise processing accident-related healthcare claims across numerous specialities. We’re headquartered in Florida with offices and staff across various states in the US.

Value Proposition

Increased Revenue

It’s simple. The reimbursement rate for auto insurance and workers comp claims is typically as much as 2-4x the allowable rate for health insurance, depending on the payer. Our people, processes, and systems are engineered to expediently and expertly submit these accident-related claims, ensuring maximum collection. Where applicable, we partner with law firms to ensure receivables are pursued to a successful end.

Improved Cash Flow

We understand that faster is better. Our processes are designed to rapidly find, file, and collect on accident-related healthcare claims (ARC). Our ARC solutions quickly determine what amounts will be paid by auto insurance and workers comp so you can begin billing healthcare and self-pay for any remaining balance.

Enhanced Compliance

It’s not just increased revenue, it’s the law. We improve clients’ compliance by ensuring that efforts to find, bill, and collect from auto insurance and workers comp payers are exhausted before claims are filed to health insurance companies. Federal, state, and commercial payer coordination of benefits regulations are incorporated into our processes, keeping our clients clear of potential compliance issues.

Decreased Cost

Getting paid more also costs less. The costs associated with processing complex accident-related healthcare claims are largely eliminated. This includes costs related to discovery, claim-filing, denial management, no-response follow up, underpayment appeals, and refund processing resulting from inaccurate coordination of benefits.

Improved Patient Experience

Healthcare deductibles and coinsurance put a tremendous financial strain on patients. Proper collection of accident-related healthcare claims can significantly reduce patient out-of-pocket expenses.